Everyone must play by the rules...




We offer Novice, Intermediate & Expert ability breakdowns in most classes offered, otherwise class will be run together as indicated. All our classes are listed in order by year of motorcycles and class eligibility. A full list is available through any of the following resources:

1. On our website under the “Classes” tab at the top of the page.

2. On the information boards hung at the registration table on any given race day.

3. On the online pre-registration forms while pre-entering for an event.

Please Note: It is the rider’s responsibility to check any of the above resources to verify that his or her bike is eligible for the intended class before pre-registering online or post-entering at the track on race day. Class questions can also be sent to Questions@OldSchoolScramblesRacing.com a head of time. We are always here to help!

MEDICAL INSURANCE  is required to compete at all OSSRG events.


Motorcycle riding gear (safety gear) is required to compete at OSSRG events to include, but not limited to, dot approved helmet (preferably no more than 5 years old), goggles, chest protector, long sleeve shirt, pants with knew guards, gloves and boots.



(Exception: Racer's entered to participate can go to/from the track (helmets required) in first gear slowly only please! No sliding, doing donuts, popping wheelies, etc. Riders or spectators who violate this policy will be asked to leave the facility with no refund. This is a track policy, enforced by the track).


NOTICE: There are no bikes allowed in the sign-up and result posting area. All bikes are to be parked outside this area and riders are to walk in.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


1. Rain checks are given in lieu of refunds.

2. Rain checks will expire at the end of the year, they don’t roll over to the next year.


1. All pre-entered riders are required to check-in at sign-up trailer on race day.

2. All non-entered (post-entry) riders are required to check the “Classes” board for bike eligibility prior to completing a post-entry form(s) and checking in at sign-up. All forms must be filled out before you check-in to pay. It you have any questions regarding classes, please don’t ask the registration personnel. Go back to the “Classes” boards near the post-entry tables and ask an OSSRG official for assistance.

3. ADULT RIDERS:  All adult riders must sign release forms at sign-up.

4. MINOR RIDERS:  All parent(s) of minor riders must sign a “Minor Release & Waiver of Liability & Indemnity Agreement” at sign-up. Minors are not required to sign.

Yearly “ALL EVENT” minor release forms are now available. Please send your request to Tami@OldSchoolScramblesRacing.com along with your full name, your minor child’s full name and your contact phone number and she’ll be happy to assist you.

6. SCORING FEE: All riders are required to pay a $10 “Scoring Fee” in addition to any race entry fee(s) per round. Benefits of this additional scoring fee are listed under "Live Scoring" below.


All riders are required to go through tech inspection after they’ve completed sign-in processes, paid any necessary fees and received their yellow tech form (1 form per class entered). Tech Inspection is usually located to the rear of sign-up. Please take your bike(s), helmet and the yellow form(s) directly after signing up to tech inspection. We go over the basic motorcycle safety of bike and verify that correct displacement and year of the bike matches the class(es) entered. Helmets are checked for safety as well. Tech inspection must be completed before practice.


We hold a mandatory riders meeting in the morning of each event following sign-in and tech inspection where we go over track changes, updates, starting procedures, the flags used, laps and answer and rider questions at that time. All riders are required to attend.


Practice is Practice! It is a time to get to know the track, not to race each other. Aggressive riding will not be tolerated.


For the 2020 racing season, we will be using transponders to enhance our scoring system provide by eTimeit.  The staff at www.etimeit.com will be managing the race day registrations and check-in procedures, along with starting line staging and other trackside responsibilities. Some of the benefits in using their services include, but not limited to; live scoring, live lap times, quick and efficient resulting, online series point keeping and the ability to sharing live on personal social media outlets for riders, friends and family.


1. The Olympic scoring method is used for each moto:  1 point for first, 2 points for second, 3 points for third, etc. The smallest score wins.

2. Riders must complete at least one full lap to be scored.

3. A non-starter is anyone who does not complete one full lap, following the circuit in its entirety; a DNS receives no points.

4. A non-finisher is anyone who completes one full lap but does not reach half-distance of the race; a DNF receives last-place points plus two positions, to avoid scoring problems.

5. A finisher is anyone who completes at least half the number of laps completed by the class winner in a moto (e.g., three laps of a five-lap moto); points are paid in the order of finish.

6. Each race concludes with the display of the checkered flag, even if a competitor believes the number of laps is not consistent with pre-race instructions.

7. Ties are decided by the finishing position in the last moto.

8. The rider, not the motorcycle, is the entry. A rider may switch to a second eligible motorcycle for the second moto in each class, but the rider MUST notify the sign-up staff at the registration trailer of the change and any new bike number prior to second moto and be sure to transfer his/her transponder accordingly.

9. If there are too many entrants for one moto, a class will be split at random and run as if there were two separate events.  Series points will be awarded as if there were two separate events.

10. PROTESTS: Results will be posted as soon as possible after the finish of a race.  Once posted, there will be a 30-minute review time.  If a rider believes there is an error in scoring, he or she must speak to scoring manager at sign-up or OSSRG Referee within 30 minutes of the provisional results being posted. Unprotested results will stand.  Any discrepancies will be resolved at the track. All results posted on the OSSRG website are considered final and can only be modified under direction of the OSSRG Director.


1. Points will be awarded according to each moto finish, without regard to rider’s overall performance for the day.

2. A rider will receive points if he or she is the sole class competitor.

3. A rider who moves up to a higher skill level within a class, will take half their earned points with them. 

4. A rider must score points in at least four out of the five events in 2020 to be eligible for series awards.

5. The following points are awarded for each moto placing:
1=20, 2=16, 3=13, 4=11, 5=10, 6=9, 7=8, 8=7, 9=6, 10=5, 11=4, 12=3, 13=2 & 14=1

6. Year-end scoring ties will be broken as follows:
Year-end scoring ties will be broken by the greatest number of moto wins, then second-place moto finishes, third place, etc. In the event of an absolute tie, the oldest rider wins.

7. If only one moto is run during a Race Day, double points will be awarded.


We trophy at 33%, which means 1 for every 3 riders get a trophy.


We have a "Zero or "NO" Tolerance Policy" during any OSSRG racing event when there is a live track. There is to be no consumption of alcohol by anyone who is racing with us on any given race day. Any rider found drinking or under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance will be disqualified immediately and asked to leave the racetrack. This is for the safety and wellbeing of the rider and everyone else around him or her.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. 

Safety gear required to race at all OSSRG events!

Safety gear required to race at all OSSRG events!